Talking About the Award-Winning Nowhere Man

I first heard about Nowhere Man almost two-years ago when Jerome launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the graphic novels to print. This led me to my first interview with Jerome. Since then, the series itself has gone on to garner a lot of positive press including a Glyph Award. What piques my interest is […]

Dave from Bricks of the Dead Talks Zombie LEGOs

Many of us are zombie fans and if you’re like me you probably played with LEGOs as a kid. I had buckets of the things, mostly bought at garage sales from rich kids, and I spent hours building huge castles and spaceships. I’d go on building sprees where I’d use every single piece I had […]

Talking About The Secret Seekers Society with Author JL Hickey

I first found out about The Secret Seekers Society on Kickstarter where Joe was seeking funding to help publish his book. Turns out he read my post and offered me a copy of the book as thanks. I read it and thought it was a really good story. If you’re into fantasy and paranormal stuff […]

Talking About Eden with Author Keary Taylor

Eden by Keary Taylor is a post-apocalyptic survival story where humans must fight to survive an infection that will change them to machines. It’s a great book and you can read my review over on Charlie Allden’s blog – Smart Girls Love SciFi. [EDIT: Eden has been re-named The Bane since she decided to expand […]