Solid Zombie Fiction

“I’d highly recommend it to you lovers of classic zombie fiction looking for something a bit more modern but holding onto all the elements y’all love.” – Allie Burke, author of The Enchanter Series and Nowhere Train


“…the perfect amount of gore and personal tragedy…” – Sally B.

Pulls You In

“Really builds up the tension in a very believable and compelling way.” – Jay W.

A Page Turner

“I didn’t think I would find another zombie story that would have me hooked from beginning to end since Zombie Fallout. That was until I read Dead Islands. This is a great read and will have you hooked and chomping at the bit to read the next book.” – Bernard R.

Featured Interviews

Nowhere Man Jerome Walford

Talking About the Award-Winning Nowhere Man

I first heard about Nowhere Man almost two-years ago when Jerome launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the graphic novels to print. This led me to my first interview with Jerome. Since then, the series itself has gone on to garner a lot of positive press including a Glyph Award. What piques my interest is the science fiction angle which reminds me a little of Ghost … [Read More]


Zombie Girl

Necrose Series Novelette Questions

First of all, THANK YOU for supporting me and Dead Islands! Your confidence means a lot to me. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, I set a stretch goal to unlock a new novelette set in the Necrose Series story world. Now that Dead Islands is finished up and ready for printing, I'd like to get started on the other story I promised you. Like I mentioned in the … [Read More...]


Flight Quarantine

What happens when an airline passenger dies in flight?

Have you ever wondered what happens when an airline passenger dies in-flight? Probably not. Most people tend to avoid thinking about death. As many of you know, I worked in airports all across the country for over 5-years. It's rather surprising the kind of crazy that happens at airports every day. I've seen wild drunks, fights, people carrying loaded firearms, … [Read More]



Shanghai’s Pudong Skyline at Night

Shanghai's famous Pearl Tower shines bright along the Pudong skyline at night. It's as beautiful in person as it is in photos. Despite the crowds, you won't have any problem finding a wonderful view of the city along the river. If you want to go shopping, you're in luck. From here it's only a few blocks to the walking street which is lined on each side with a shopping … [Read More]


Enchanted Valley Cabin

The Enchanted Valley

Surrounded by tall mountains, decorated with dramatic waterfalls, and set deep in the Olympic National Forest is the Enchanted Valley. Intrigued by the scenery and our lack of experience hiking in the … [Read More...]